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Helping Asian Parents…..

Are you a Hong Kong parent who is considering a move to the UK and moving your children into the British education system?

The British education system is a minefield and can change regularly.  Even parents of children in the UK often struggle to navigate its complexities.

As a conscientious parent, we know that you always want to make the best decisions for your children.  When it comes to education, those decisions are so important as education will set your children up for life.

However, whilst you are still based in Hong Kong you will often be reliant on information from relocation agents, from family and friends who may be moving to the UK, and from research on the internet.  Whilst some of this information may be useful, it is unlikely to give you an accurate and complete understanding of the education system.

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Helping Asian Parents…..

Through Educasia, you have access to information about the British education system from qualified and experienced teachers based in the UK.

Our mission is twofold:

  • To help you, as parents, navigate through the complexities of the British education system with the goal of enabling you to make informed choices on behalf of your children.
  • To help prepare your children for a seamless entry into the British education system, so they are ready for the demands of the British classroom and for any upcoming exams.

An opportunity to see how Educasia can: support you in your decision-making process; and prepare your children for education and school life in the UK.

Let us be part of your educational journey in the UK.

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What we do

Dear Parents
Welcome to Educasia.

Whether you are in the early stages of thinking about moving to the UK, have already started your application, or have already arrived in the UK, we are here to help you navigate the education system effectively.

As a parent and an experienced teacher of over 20 years, I understand first-hand the significance of choosing the right school for your child. My two sons attended Nottingham High School, and I am thankful that I had sufficient knowledge and understanding of the system to ensure their success.

Since 2016, I have owned and run a tutoring business, providing tuition to thousands of students based in the UK and overseas.  My team and I have worked tirelessly to help educate parents in what choices they have available to them and what support they should be expecting to receive for their children.

Our Services

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Your Questions Answered

Access a series of video presentations which answer many of the most frequently asked questions about the British education system.

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Support from Experts

Book a session with one of our team, or with our CEO, for comprehensive advice and guidance on the process of transitioning to the British education system.

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Prepare Your Children

We offer tuition services to ensure that your children are ‘classroom ready’ for their stage of education in the UK: from understanding language to acing exams.

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There are significant differences between Hong Kong and UK in terms of education.
You will find that many parents in the UK do not put the same emphasis on education, or view education in such high regard, as Hong Kong parents do.  Many schools and teachers do not expect students to do any homework, so do not set it.  And, whilst the tuition market is expanding, additional work outside of school time is still not a cultural expectation.

Understanding the system, and preparing your child ahead of time, ensures a smooth transition and easier integration.

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